LED Curtains and Panels Are High Resolution Screens

The high resolution content of the PixiFLEX HD products are second to none. The crisp, sharp video is amazing and offers image play back. Because of the high resolution quality, the sharpness and crispness of the images are just amazing. The panels are extremely light weight and the locking device make set- up a breeze. These LED panels look like the panels that you see set up at concerts and other events. There high definition resolution make it absolutely beautiful to have as your background or the main event. The crisp and sharp images make it amazing and it becomes the perfect backdrop for your concert or event that you are hosting.

LED light bulbs have been around for years and were meant to replace incandescent candelabra bulbs. They are much brighter and pull far less power. They are cool to the touch and never get hot. LED curtainSo a LED panel is extremely bright while using little power and remaining cool. If you are at an indoor concert, it is nice that the lights are not hot so as not to heat up the room. This feature is wonderful as concerts can become extremely hot and it’s nice to know that the lighting is not adding to the temperature. An HD LED curtain by PixeFLEX is a wonderful product at any concert. It is high quality light and very pleasing to look at. Since the invention of the LED light bulb, many products have been manufactured and invented using these bulbs. They are very efficient and last a long time. Even though they may be handled roughly, they continue to be durable and long lasting for years to come. They are a wonderful invention and are used for many different types of lighting. This lighting is the least expensive, efficient and versatile lighting that we have. The HD curtain by PixelFLEX is the perfect innovative use of the LED light display item. It’s extremely light and easy to fold and put away.

The HD LED curtain can be used for concerts, trade shows, arenas, theaters, advertising, and more. Universities use them also. They are very useful for many different things. They have many useful features such as multiple resolutions, rapid deployment, durable and road tested, light weight and weather resistant. The Flextile is an extremely light weight LED display with high resolution. Because of its high refresh rate, Flexlite videos and photographs smoothly. It is camera and television friendly. There are many benefits including easy set up and take down. It can be set up by one person and taken down by one person. Because of the versatility of the Flextile it can be used for all different kinds of venues. It is easy to pack and take to any event or venue that you many have. If you have any kind of entertainment or advertising needs you will be able to find the right product or products to use at PixelFLEX. They have everything or anything that you may need.

The best self storage rental for your family

Millions of Americans use self storage units every year, sometimes for years on end. Between fifteen and twenty percent of Americans move every single year, by far the highest percentage among developed countries, and amounts to quite a large number of people. Americans also accumulate more stuff than any other developed country, and need to find a place to put all of that stuff, typically. We do not like to throw things away, or part with items we care about, and yet, more often than not, our wants and acquisitions outpace the amount of space we have to store them. That is where self storage rentals come in handy, and it is an industry that has boomed.

Self storage rentals have boomed over the past few decades, and serve as a place for people to store items in between homes, store additional items they are not willing to part with just yet, store overflow because of family transitions such as divorces, or store items that would normally go in a garage but a family does not have one – a classic car, a jet ski, or a boat, for example. Here are a few hints to help you figure out if your family needs a self storage rental, and how to determine the size and location of the unit if you do need one.

  • How much “stuff” do you have? If you simply have too many clothes or too many books and need a place to put them, consider whether you will really use them again. Perhaps you can use a self storage rental for items that are out of season, and then swap them out when the weather changes. If that is the case, you can pick one on the outskirts of town that you do not need to frequent very often and is probably more affordable.
  • How long will you be storing items? If you just need it for a couple of weeks or months storage unitwhile you are in transition, then considering picking a location closer to home and more easily accessed so that as soon as your housing situation gets worked out, you can move items immediately. This also means you can access your items more easily while you are in transition. Perhaps you will need to be able to retrieve clothes or books or other items on a whim. A closer location will help with that.
  • How much are you able to spend, and how long will you want to pay the bill? This relates to the above questions in that you can spend a little more to make it more convenient if you are just doing a very short term rental. But if you are putting things into storage for years or longer, you might want the more affordable bill every month and need to keep it as low as possible. This is the more common situation, with the average storage until rental lasting nearly eighteen months. If you fall into this category, go with the more affordable storage unit rental.

There are many different types of locksmiths.

commercial locksmithHopefully the amount of time that you spending looking for a locksmith is minimal. Unfortunately for me, I seem to spend a lot of time with the locksmiths in my area. I am always that person who goes to shut my car door and turns around at the last second to try to grab the door before it locks because I realize just one millisecond too late that my keys were still inside. Seriously, I am always that person. My friends joke that I should have the phone number for an emergency locksmith programmed in to my speed dial. Recently I have learned some new things about locksmiths in an attempt to find the most cost effective and reliable locksmith company to program in to my phone. It is a high honor considering that I am likely to be a frequent customer.

How does one become a locksmith? Well, for starters, it depends where you are and where you intend to operate your locksmith company. Locksmithing is a trade that typically requires an apprenticeship. The level of education that is required before you can begin your apprenticeship is dependent upon your mentor and your location. Some locksmiths will go to engineering schools to specialize in locksmithing. Others must only complete a training and receive certification. Regardless of how they got there, I am glad that they are there. For without them I would forever be sleeping in the hallway outside of my apartment.

There are many different types of locksmiths that specialize in a variety of locksmithing tasks. There are commercial locksmiths, who have a storefront where their customers come to them. Businesses will hire commercial locksmiths to help secure their business locations. Commercial locksmiths also specialize in commercial key duplication, which can come in handy as your business continues to grow and expand. There are also mobile locksmiths, and these ones are my favorite and most frequently relied upon. These guys work out of a vehicle so that they can get to you quickly so that you can get in to your apartment to feed your cat. Most emergency locksmiths work out of a vehicle and so are considered mobile locksmiths as well. Institutional locksmiths are another type of locksmith that specializes in securing facilities such as hospitals, schools, and government buildings. There is also a special kind of locksmith that works with the police that is called an investigative or forensic locksmith. A investigative locksmith can help police to figure out how someone was able to break a certain type of lock or enter a secured area without be given access.

I never knew that there were so many different types of locksmiths that can specialize in so many different types of locks and security measures. Whenever I think of a locksmith I always think of the guy who comes to let me in to my apartment at odd hours of the day. I am glad that I have finally done my research now and know which locksmith in my area to call at certain times of the day.

Good Storage Rental Companies have Clear Prices, When It Comes to Renting Their Storage Units.

storage unitsMost Americans have a lot of stuff that they need to store, and an increasingly large number of them find themselves lacking storage space, in which to keep it all.  For that reason, the storage industry has really taken off, in order to meet that ever growing demand.  In this day and age, it seems like pretty much everyone has at least a little bit of stuff in self storage.  While there is nothing wrong with that, you do need to make sure you have found a storage unit, for a reasonable rate.  There is certainly nothing wrong with paying for storage, but there is always something wrong with paying to much for it.  Good storage rental companies have clear prices, when it comes to renting their storage units.

One of the biggest ways in which storage units can vary, in terms of pricing, is through the contract that you sign.  Contracts are necessary, anytime you rent anything, for the most part, but some storage rental companies have excessively long, complicated, or unfair contracts, which their clients have no choice but to sign, if they want storage space.  One of them most irritating aspects of these contracts is the fact that many of them are long-term, which is usually ill-advised, in the world of self storage.  Far better are the monthly contracts, since a month is a much more reasonable unit of time, when it comes to renting storage space.  At the end of the day, a lot of people who rent storage space have no idea the exact length of time they will be needing it for.  Why sign for a full year, when you may only need the space for a month or two, at most?

In addition to this aspect of the storage business, as a consumer, you also need to know that your property will be cared for, as you want it to be care for.  This is not an unreasonable expectation, since you are spending money to keep your possessions safely in storage.  Proper care includes both how the items are stored in the unit and how they are handled, by the employees of the storage company.  If your possessions are, in fact, going to be handled by the storage personnel, you need to be certain that the company and its employees are responsible enough for that task.  Furthermore, some items need to be kept in special conditions, such as specific temperature conditions.  Because of the large number of items that do need to be kept in certain temperature ranges, most storage centers offer self storage units with temperature controls.  Essentially, these storage units and mini self storage units are air-conditioned and heated, according to the temperature range you have specified.  That way, your items, such as electronics, musical instruments, and wooden furniture, will not become warped or damaged, due to extreme temperature fluctuations.  While you cannot physically watch your items, while they are in storage, you can, at least, be sure to take your property to a good storage center.


It’s been almost 5 years since you last took on the task of changing all the window coverings. The wear and tear of time is starting to show and the whole family is ready for a change. The covering blinds in the living room are not just dusty and dirty, they have some tears in them from when the new cat used them to practice his climbing skills. The storm shutters in the upstairs bedroom have seen their share of serious storms and it has started to show. You wince every time that a guest walks into the living room and sees the condition that those shades are in. If that is not mold growing on those things, then I don’t know what it is.

You are left with no choice, its time to go out and buy all new stuff for your home windows. This is a big deal not just because taking down all the old ones is a pain in the neck but also because when you get new window coverings, you know that you are going to have them for a while and you want to make sure they are the ones that you want to have in your life for a long time.

You have a few options when it comes to deciding on what kind of window coverings you are going to buy. You can hire am interior decorator to help you create a color theme and give you a little designer knowledge but then you never know if the designer s going to have the same taste as you, in that case you are out some serious cash and you might offend the decorator.

Then you can opt for doing it on your own and just picking out some random shutters and matching them to the sofa or to the bed. This might be the most direct approach but what if the rest of the family doesn’t like it or you yourself end up hating your choice.

The third option is probably the best. Take the whole family to the local custom windows outlet and let everyone have a say in what they want to see in their new window coverings. This option is sure to come with the highest amount of arguing and stress but when it is all over you wont be the only one holding the bag and you will have made a collective selection that all members of the family can share in the blame.

No matter which way you cut the cake, the time has come to change out your old window coverings for some new ones. After all the stress of the matter is gone, the chances are that you will be pretty happy with the selection you have made. You will be able to rest easy since it will be a long time before you have to change out those window coverings again. Next time you need to buy new window treatments, why not let your wife take charge and you can just relax.

My orthodontist was great.

It was a very strange experience to have someone other than my mother clean my teeth for the very first time.  This was when I was already out of college and had my first job with dental insurance.  It was a great opportunity to work with some new people, but at the same time i did feel quite a bit of nostalgia for having my mother be the one to clean my teeth.  I will always remember just how great she was at working with me and making sure that my pearly whites remained great.  I think that most of her patents liked her as well.  Actually, let me take that back. I know that all of her patients loved her.  For close to two decades, she worked down in Denver with a certain dentist that she loved.  After he retired, she moved up to Fort Collins and started working up there.  She was so great to all of her patients that there were a number of them that actually headed north to have their teeth cleaned.  That is right, people actually decided that the treatment that they got from my mom was worth driving over an hour to get their teeth cleaned.  That is some great customer service and loyalty.  Nevertheless, when it came time for me to get braces, there really wasn’t much that she could do.  As a dental hygienist, she did not have any say really over my braces and how they would be put onto my teeth or what the end goal would be.  I guess that she knew how my teeth should look and that probably drove her to consult with the orthodontist often, but for the most part I think that it was entirely up to my orthodontist.  Nevertheless, because my mother and the office had such a great relationship, I was able to get my braces for free.  I was also able to customize my braces so that it reflected my personality.  You must be thinking that that meant that they would let me choose what color of bands I wanted.  Wrong.  I was actually able to get gold braces.  I felt pretty baller, even though in retrospect it probably meant that people thought that I had really yellow teeth from a distance.  Nevertheless, at the time, I really enjoyed having my gold braces to show off to different people.  I did not need to have my braces on for long and that was probably a testament to the great work being done by the staff of my orthodontist’s office.  I do not know much about orthodontics, but I have to imagine that the quality can be observed through customer satisfaction and the ability to get the teeth to move in the intended route quickly, without them losing their shape once the braces are removed.  To this extent, I did not really help out my orthodontist that much, but I think that they were able to do a great job despite my laziness.

Garai Orthodontic Specialists
427 Maple Ave. W.
Vienna, VA 22180


What are stem cells, anyway?

All these debates about what stem cells can do and the religious implications of stem cells are very interesting, however they have taken over the important discussion that should be taking place: what exactly are stem cells and how can we best utilize the technology here to make great leaps in regenerative medicine? Stem cells have been an under utilized tool in medicine and can offer exciting new opportunities for doctors to make important steps towards healing and helping patients. All that is needed is to dispel the myths surrounding stem cells and step forward into the light of clearer understanding of all the great ways that stem cells can be helpful and important parts of medical treatment.

First and foremost, what exactly are stem cells, anyway? Stem cells are, most simply put, biological cells that are undifferentiated. This means that they have not taken on a specific cell group and have the flexibility to differentiate into specialized cell types as well as divide and produce more stem cells that are capable of doing the same thing. Stem cells are incredible for this nature. Their ability to differentiate into specific and different kinds of cells as well as reproduce through mitosis into more stem cells that can do the exact same thing, is simply incredible. This is an indication of the powerful nature of what lies within the human body and all the opportunities for medical care and treatment that lie within the body itself! Stem cells exist in multicellular organisms and in mammals, like humans, take on two very broad types. There are embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Taking a closer look at these two types of stem cells offers some insight into the massive debate surrounding the use of stem cells as well as the medical reasoning behind utilizing http://www.progenicare.com/each of them. Embryonic stem cells are isolated from the blastocysts of the inner cell mass, whereas adult stem cells are found in various tissues around the body. Embryonic stem cells are utilized in a developing embryo. These stem cells give rise to all the different types of cells that make up a human body because these stem cells are pluripotent and can develop into many different types of cells. Embryonic stem cells function as the construction team that builds the human embryo. Adult stem cells and their counterparts, the progenitor cells, work within the adult human body as a repair system. They work within specific tissue groups in the body to replenish the tissues and repair areas that are broken in some way. Imagine embryonic stem cells as the original construction team on a home. They put together all of the rooms, install the original plumbing, and get everything going. Adult stem cells are the repair teams that come in and fix specific systems in the home. When the plumbing goes out, you call in the adult stem cell- the plumber. The controversy over stem cell use, then, occurs when the discussion of replacement with an entirely new system comes up.

Regardless, stem cells are an exciting part of the future of regenerative medicine!


Many of the ranches that are for sale in Oregon are beautiful.

Most people probably do not think of Oregon as a farming and ranching state, but when you really take a look at everything they have to offer, it becomes quite apparent that many of the communities there exist around farming, ranching, and logging.  While I do not know much about the logging industry, I can tell you quite a bit about all of the work that is being done around the farming and ranching industries in the state.  Each has developed quite nicely and I am interested to see where they will head in the future.  My big fascination with these industries in the state is that the Oregon brand is getting stronger and stronger and this means that many of the people involved in the industries are going to be facing the option of whether they would like to continue the growth or sell of the lands.  The big thing that I am seeing is that a number of the owners of the lands are starting to put the areas up for sale.

Putting family ranches up for sale in Oregon is becoming very popular as more and more small-time ranchers start to see the benefit of selling them on to other operators.  The issue with this is that the smaller ranchers are probably going to be putting more care into the animals and the industry than some of the larger players.  As a result, I really do hope that many of the ranchers do decide to not put up their Oregon ranches for sale. Nevertheless, if that is the case I do think that many of the ranches should be put into land trusts.

oregon ranches for saleI have a friend that owns a family farm and he has some of his lands in a land trust.  The concept of a land trust is pretty interesting and often it benefits the people that own the land more than if they were going to try and develop the lands.  The thing that I have learned is that the land trust allows for the rancher to make some money off of the land for not developing the area and then the group of individuals essentially pay the land owner for not developing the area. It works pretty well and could be a good instrument from keeping the ranches that are for sale in Oregon from going to some of the developers that are looking to change the lands.

Nevertheless, there are many ranches in Oregon that are for sale and not all of the owners are going to try and develop the lands anyway.  The great thing about all of the ranches in the state is that they do have a strong tradition of farming and ranching and that means that regardless of what I know, which is very little, they have a very good understanding of what it takes to keep these lands going through all of the changes in the national market.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next five years.

You Can Have A Smart Tablet Screen Replaced To Get Rid of Dents and Scrapes Accumulated Over Time

My mom bought me a smart tablet for Christmas last year so that we could read all of the same electronic books together.  She is crazy about reading, and flies through a book in one night sometimes because she just can’t put it down.  Mom has been telling me how much she loves her tablet these days, because she can buy books online for just a few dollars and can store hundreds.  I keep telling her that I like my physical copies of books because I they are easier to read for my sensitive eyes and I can write notes in the margins.  This argument goes on and on every time we start talking about books, but we don’t mind because we love talking about them so much.

ipad repairSo now that I have this wonderful tablet of my own to buy and read books with I figured I would give it a shot.  I still love the feel, smell, and look of real books over their electronic versions, but my mother is right about how much easier it is to carry around this lightweight tablet than a bulky and heavy book.  While I was reading the Harry Potter series I could hardly ever bring my book with me on the train to work because it was so big and heavy.  I appreciate how light and mobile my tablet is for sure, but I also worry about breaking it.  I don’t have a case for it yet but I still take it with me in my purse when I take the train to work and it already has scratches all over the screen.  My mother is coming to visit again in about a month and I wanted to look into finding a service that would replace the screen so that there are no more scratches and dents.  And in the meantime I would make sure that I bought a case for my tablet so that I don’t keep causing it damage.

I found a local repair and replacement service that specializes in the maintenance of any smart phone, tablet, or mp3 player.  They have a lot of experience dealing with scratched or cracked screens on all types of devices, and because of that they offer a flat fee for all screen replacements no matter what the extent of damage.  They ran a 10-point inspection on my device before doing the replacement just to make sure there were no other problems that I wasn’t aware of.  After the diagnosis they were quick to replace the screen on my tablet.  Once I got it back I couldn’t even tell that it was a different screen, and it looked as good as it did when I first got it.  In the two short hours that it took the technicians to replace my screen I was about to browse through their store and find a stylish case for my tablet so that I wouldn’t keep scratching it up.

I’m still undecided on whether it is better to read a physical book or an electronic book, but now I have the luxury of doing either whenever I want.

Future Health is a fitness club that will help guide you along the path of wellness.

I used to hate working out, it was something I really did not look forward to. I didn’t understand why so many people enjoyed it and when the doctor asked me every time I gymwent in for a check up how much I exercised every week, I would always get really frustrated. What do you mean how much do I exercise? I don’t exercise! No one does, come on Doc! Pull it together. Well, I suppose that is what my doctor should have been saying to me because I was not taking great care of my body. Exercise felt so overwhelming and I didn’t know how to start. I eventually did little by little start by using five  pound weights and then just worked my way up to do more and more exercise for my entire body. I did all of this at home because the gym intimidated me. Core workouts came last for me as well as cardio, they are my least favorite. But what I found was the more I started to work out, the more guidance that I actually needed. Once I got used to how my body felt when it was moving and building muscle, the more comfortable I felt with pushing myself to the next step. However without a someone to guide me, I wasn’t sure if I was treating my body the way it deserved to be treated and since I had no background in exercise except for elementary school P.E., I felt at a loss to take care of myself.

That is why companies like Future Health are so important. Future Health is not only a gym, but they are an empowering and educational facility or fitness center that helps people harness their own health and allows them the guidance to be the person they have always wanted to be. They are located in downtown Los Angeles and they have personal trainers and nutritionists. As you probably already know, staying healthy doesn’t have to do only with exercising, but it also has to do with exercising correctly so you don’t push yourself too hard and hurt yourself. It also includes nutrition. If you aren’t eating well for your body type, then you won’t be able to see the results that you desire. There can be a lot of moving parts when it comes to your wellness so why not let Future Health help you take care of you since they are the experts and they want to help you help yourself. You will be amazed at how much relief will come to you when you reach out for help.

There are so many ways you can take care of your body and Future Health is a fitness club that will be there to help guide you along your path to wellness. There is always new information about health coming out and Future Health is a place where you can be one of the first people to know what new things we are learning about taking care of our bodies. So check out Future Health today in downtown Los Angeles.

Locksmith Marketing Gurus can help to promote your locksmith business.

Locksmith Marketing Gurus is a company that helps to promote the business of various locksmith companies. These days the internet is the fastest and most efficient way to find information. This is true whether you are looking for the score of the baseball game or trying to find a good restaurant for dinner. The internet is the most widely used marketing tool out there and it is become bigger and more effective each day. With a vast world of information at your fingertips it is no wonder that people most often turn to the internet when they are looking for information. This means that if a company is not taking advantage of the world of internet marketing that they are missing out on a huge population of potential customers. This is true for any type of business from hair salons to locksmiths. Locksmith Marketing Gurus is a company that works specifically with locksmiths to help promote their businesses online. They work with locksmith companies to design their websites and to promote traffic on to their websites after they have been posted to the internet.

Locksmith Marketing GurusI recently locked my keys in my car when I was at the grocery store. I walked back to my car with a cart full of groceries and dug around in my purse for ten minutes before looking inside my car and seeing that my keys were locked inside sitting on the passenger seat. I was kicking myself for being so stupid and I was worried that all of my perishable groceries would go bad before a locksmith would arrive to let me in to my car. Thankfully I hadn’t locked my phone in the car along with my keys so I was able to look up a local locksmith on my smart phone. I clicked on the first locksmith website that popped up in the search engine. Once I knew that they were on their way I took all of my groceries back inside where they allowed me to keep my food in the back where it was cool enough so that things wouldn’t spoil. The locksmith showed up quickly and it took only a couple of minutes for him to get my car unlocked.

When I arrived back at home and was unloading my groceries I started to wonder why that locksmith company was the first one to pop up in the search engine. Certainly there are many locksmith companies in my area and I would assume that most of them have websites, so why was that company the one that popped up first? I realized that it was possible that they had hired a locksmith seo company to help promote their business on the internet. A seo (search engine optimization) company can help to promote a business and create more traffic on their website, which in turn creates more business for the company. With the internet being such a widely used source of information these days it is important for businesses to advertise in this way.

Running a gym is easier with the right software system

For one reason or another Americans seem to be the type of people who try to avoid physical activity in every day to day form but then will spend hundreds of dollars a year on a gym or health club membership in order to go and walk on a treadmill for a few hours a week. While generally I am not a big fan of this kind of living I do think that it provides a business opportunity for anyone who is wanting to find a way to open a business that people will hopefully use. As with opening any sort of business it can be incredibly difficult and complicated to start your own gym or health club but if you are willing to put in the work there are a number of different tools out there that can help your health club or gym succeed.
One of the biggest helps out there for health club or gym owners is the array of health club software. These are programs that health club and gym owners can buy that can take care of a lot of the more difficult parts of owning and operating a business for you. Instead of having to crunch the numbers for your membership and how it is changing over time, your health club system software can do it for you. Instead of having to make monthly projections for your health club finances, the health club software system can do that for you as well. Overall having the right kind of health care software system working for your business can greatly reduce the amount of annoying, monotonous work that you or your employees have to do every day and instead allows everyone to focus more on the more important things that people need to do in order to functionally run a business of any kind.
gym managementThe good thing about owning and operating a gym or health club is that there are a number of people out there who are looking to use your services in order to either get fit or to stay fit. The downside is that there are also a lot of big fitness chains out there to compete with. This in a way though is why it is so important to have a good health club system software. Without one you are bound to run into a number of eventual problems that are bound to turn your customers else where. Having people who enjoy your gym and find the prices fair for the services offered is the main way your gym or health club is going to be able to continue to function so it is important that everything runs smoothly so that you do not have to fight harder to keep the customers you have worked so hard to obtain in the first place. After all, no one wants to have to invest even more work into the same amount of results than they have to. With the right health club software system you wont have to put in any extra work while still getting all of the benefits.

Ten great adult novelty gift ideas for a bachelorette

Whether it’s your first bachelorette party, or you are a seasoned bachelorette-goer, this list of ten great adult novelty gift ideas for a bachelorette will help you create an unforgettable girls night.  Most people know the tradition of buying a bachelorette lingerie, or other gag gifts.  Many bachelorettes are full of risky clothing, penis shaped foods, games about the bachelorettes sex life, etc.  This list is meant to help you come up with great ideas for fun gifts which everyone will get a laugh out of.  Most of these items can be found at an adult novelty store or online!

1) Lingerie: Buying a bachelorette lingerie is a common gift idea, but it is fun and more practical than some of the traditional gag gifts that many people buy.  If you want to buy something she will actually use, lingerie is a good choice!

2) Lovers dice:  Lovers dice are a great adult novelty gift. Chances are, you and your girlfriends will have some fun rolling these and laughing about the outcomes.  Lick my thigh anyone?

3) Handcuffs: While they might not get any use, a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs will definitely get a rise out of the bride!

4) Penis shaped cooking supplies: If the bride-to-be enjoys cooking or baking, why not get her some penis shaped pasta, or penis shaped brownie pan! Or, if you are the one who likes to cook, make these things ahead of time and bring them along to share with the group.  Everyone will be surprised when they look down at their plate of pasta and see little penises instead of pasta.

5) Penis shaped straws:  Drinking out of a penis shaped straw if a fun bachelorette tradition.  Grab a pack of pink, plastic disposable penis shaped straws from an adult novelty gift store, and everyone will enjoy this throughout the night.

6) In fact, penis shaped everything! At a bachelorette party, penis shaped anything is appropriate.  Penis shaped shot glasses, penis shaped cocktail shakers, penis shaped anything.  This is supposed to be the bride-to-be’s final fling before the ring, so make it fun and funny by incorporating penises into the mix!

7) Games: There are many great bachelorette games which will be especially fun after everyone has taken several shots out of the penis shaped shot glasses you brought along.  Pin the penis on the boy, bachelorette dice (with activities the bachelorette must do), or even a fun bachelorette scavenger hunt (get a guy to buy you a shot, etc).  These things can help guide the night and make sure there are no lulls!

8) Tiara and stash: Don’t forget the traditional bride-to-be or bachelorette stash for the bachelorette to wear out on her big night! A tiara is another nice touch, and will draw attention to her throughout the night.

9) ‘Bride to be’ goblet: Make a fun ‘bride-to-be’ goblet for her to drink out of throughout the night

10) Yourself!! All of this party planning can get tiresome.  Make sure to not stretch yourself too thin so you can be present and enjoy the night with your girlfriends!


Flu Awareness Is a Key Factor To Your Health

flu awareness

Whenever you feel like you’re about to get sick, what kind of precautions do you take?  I know that there are some people who take as many vitamin C supplements as they possibly can, and sometimes they feel that this is going to be the best course of action.  Others feel that drinking tea is going to be the solution, but there are many other kinds of habits other people do whenever they want to boost their immune system.  While other people might have different kind of methods and special tricks they use, I like to go with the tried and true system of daily exercise and a proper diet each and every day.  While not everyone has the time or energy for this, I have found that even a little bit of exercise and eating right can still make a significant difference for a lot of people.  With either method of illness recovery, there are still moments in your life in which you simply cannot prepare for all of the sicknesses in the world.  However, there are plenty of virus surveillance maps out in the world, and HealthMap’s is the very best!  With this kind of map, you can accurately track what kinds of diseases are out in the world, where they are located, and how many individual cases are in the world.  These can also be used to whittle down and be more specific when it comes to finding the amount of cases in an area of your choosing.  For example, if you want to see how many cases of Malaria exist in South Carolina, you can put those specifics into the HealthMap database, which will quickly come up with your desired information.


While this is very important to the overall usage of the site, HealthMap also has another flu tracking feature that is integrated into the rest of its systems.  If you’re interested in contributing to a flu surveillance map, make it a point to utilize HealthMap’s Flu Near You system, you will be able to find local outbreaks and happenings of the flu.  While much of this data is sorted and gathered from local health officials and other certified health outlets, a great deal of it also comes from users like you!  For example, if you or your loved ones have flu like symptoms, it is important to know that you can submit your very own information to HealthMap’s Flu Near You system.  This is just one of the ways in which HealthMap is increasing virus awareness, because if you are going to first fight the diseases and illnesses in the world, you must help contribute to understanding and tracking these diseases and illnesses.  In the end, each and every aspect of HealthMap’s flu surveillance maps will contribute to not only your own personal understanding of how the flu and other diseases spread naturally, but it also contributes to other health and disease professionals’ research of the ins and outs of these illnesses, so all of this information is not only making the world a safer place, but a smarter place as well!

Medication tracking is important these days

drug side effects

There is a new way to track the information and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs in your medicine cabinet. It’s an app for your smart phone called MedWatcher and I feel much safer having it around. I have an immune system deficiency which means that I often have several different types of drugs in my house. Because I also have three little kids that run around and inevitably get into everything they can get their hands on, it sometimes worries me that they will get a hold of my medications. For that I keep them locked up in a high place that the kids cannot reach. It is easy for me to solve the problem of keeping them safe, but up until recently I have always wondered, “who is looking out for me?” When I take one of the dozen pills every day, how do I know that they aren’t mixing and reacting with each other in unique and possibly dangerous ways? What about side effects? Sure, the label tells you some of the broad strokes that you need to watch out for and you could always go online to read the laundry list of possible maladies but who has the time for that? Now with the MedWatcher app I can simply swipe into my phone, open the app and enter in the information about my drug. The term for this kind of app is “pharmacovigilance” and it is an increasingly hot topic these days.

Pharmacovigilance may sound like a foreign word but if you break it down it literally means “to be vigilant and safe about the pharmaceuticals you put into your body”. It became part of the public conversation and a word that is used far more often ever since an epidemic of young people started taking drugs from their parents’ medicine cabinets. The term and it’s application have shifted slightly in recent years as more and more drugs have hit the market. It’s easier than ever to get a prescription for a number of powerful drugs and the cross-compatibility of these drugs is not always evident.

Drug tracking apps like Med Watcher may one day save your life because of it’s simple design. Here’s how it works. After you enter in the drug information such as the name or the markings on the pill, you will be prompted to write a brief description of your problem with it. This is your chance to enter in the details about your side effects and why you think it was triggered. Be sure to include the names and information of any other medication you are taking at that time so it can be taken into consideration. When you are finished your query will be submitted to the FDA for review. This application is being collaborated on by the Boston’s Children Hospital and the Harvard Medical School in collaboration with the FDA. You can help doctors and other patients stay informed and most importantly, stay safe from the potential harmful side effects of prescription drugs.



Magnetic strips can make origination easier

Organizing is one of those problems as old as time that everyone struggles with but no one has found an answer to. There are tips and tricks though, and some work better than others and some work better for other people than for others. The important thing is to figure out what works best for you and fits your needs the best.

magnetic labelingOne of the things that I have found particularly useful in my mission to organise more is first of all to add way more shelves than I had before and then to try and label those shelfs so that I had a better idea on what was in them. Shelves are my favorite way to organise because they take all of the junk off your floor or your desk and make a specific home for it. It really helps if things actually have a place. Instead of it just going in the drawer, it goes in that specific drawer. This is where the magnetic tape and a marker come in. You can probably remember where a few things go but I highly doubt you are going to always remember exactly where every single little thing is supposed to go. If you could you would not be having this problem in the first place.

With the magnetic tape you can take a non-permanent marker and write on the tape what is in that drawer or on that shelf. This way you always know where things are supposed to go and there is always that reminder when you need it. Since you can wipe off the non-permanent marker off of the magnetic tape you also have the ability to change things around as often as you would like. This is not only helpful for when you get the itch to do a little bit of redecorating or reorganizing but also if you ever have to move locations. There is no need to reinvest in a bunch of labels because you can pack them up and bring them all with you.

This can help you add some serious organization to your life. No matter if you want to use magnetic strip labeling for your home, your office or for your company. You can pick your size and color of magnetic tape, have it delivered to your doorstep and you are ready to get organized. If you are that kind of person you can even experiment a little bit and add some creativity to the mix to either add things to the labels like designs or stickers or whatever you can glue on. You can make the process not only functional but also fun and reflective of your personality. Of course this alone will not make you the organizational master of your universe but it sure will be a good step to making you a more organized and more productive person. It might be a small solution but I find that usually the easiest and simple solutions are usually the ones that work the best and leave you the most satisfied.

Call a residential electrian to help you get your home ready to sell.

http://www.dwmelectric.comAs anyone who has ever done it knows, selling your home can be an extremely stressful process.  On top of everything else you have going on in your life, you are constantly looking to do improvements on your home, meeting with potential buyers, and speaking with your real estate agent.  Each time someone comes to visit your home and isn’t interested in buying it, you begin to stress out about every little perceived imperfection with your property.  Was the grass not cut?  Did our house not seem clean enough?  Was the lighting in the kitchen not quite right?  If this last question is one you find yourself asking about your property frequently, it is time to call a residential electrician and give your house a lighting upgrade.  You can leave the stress of agonizing over your home’s appearance behind.

One of the best ways to increase the value of your property and to give it a great appearance is to improve the lighting.  This can be done in any number of ways, and is specific to your property.  I know that when a good friend of mine replaced an old ceiling light in their kitchen with recessed lighting, it looked like an entirely new home.  The old, yellow lighting was gone and was replaced by a clear, natural white light.  I know of a great company that specializes in recessed lighting, Mahaffey Electrical Services.  They have dozens of examples of their past work on their website that you can look through to see what a difference recessed lighting can make in a home.  Another way to improve the lighting in your home and to get it ready to sell is to remodel lights.  You can replace your old ceiling fan with a new one, or replace all of your light fixtures with more modern fixtures and bulbs.

In many older homes, the wiring is often visible.  Calling a residential electrician who specializes in concealed wiring, like Mahaffey Electrical Services, can help you get rid of any eyesores, so potential buyers will not see any flaws in your home.  Another great way to improve the value and appearance of your home is to upgrade the outdoor lighting.  By replacing old, common porch lights with modern flood lights, you can really sharpen your home’s appearance.  If you are looking to have electrical work done on your home, just be sure to call in a professional.  Electrical work is complicated and time-consuming, and having a professional do the work for you will ensure the work is done right and without any injury to yourself.

I currently live in a basement apartment with pretty terrible lighting.  The light fixtures are old, the lamp shades are mostly yellow, and the bulbs are probably older than I am.  Whenever I visit someone else’s place, I am always struck by how much better and more positive I feel simply because the lighting is better.  Lighting makes a world of difference in any residence.  So if you are thinking about or trying to sell your home, call an electrician and do a remodel of your lighting.  It will certainly help you get the house off the market quicker.



My brother and his wife need a reliable self storage unit.

My brother is in the army and he is married with three children, two dogs and two lizards. With a family that big, they sure do have a lot of things that they need to take with them self storage rentalfrom place to place. Since he has been in the army, the family as whole has lived in four different places and he got into the army about seven years ago. They finally bought a big beautiful home that they all love very much but unfortunately it looks like they will be moving again come April. That is just the nature of being in the army and the whole family knew that when the time came for them to join the military. Fortunately though, this next move isn’t going to be super permanent and they are going to be able to move back to the place where their big beautiful home is so they are going to rent it out to hopefully a responsible family until they will be able to be back in it. Since that is the case, it really is no use to take all of their things that they own, move them across the country only to move them back in one year’s time. So they decided to find themselves a fancy and reasonably priced storage unit where they could store most of the things that they wouldn’t be needing within the year.

Some of the things my brother and his wife were looking for included having a heated storage unit to make sure all of their things would be able to withstand the cold winters. They also want to make sure there would be video surveillance of the place so that they could ensure that all of their precious things wouldn’t be stolen. A lot of the stuff they will be storing is their china and other precious things that they picked up from family along the way. These are things they just won’t be needing in one year’s time but things they certainly don’t want to get rid of and especially don’t want to have them stolen. That is why finding a self storage rental unit that has great security is very important.

There are many different companies out there that offer excellence in security when it comes to storage rental spaces and there are none that do it so well as College Point Storage in Lacey, WA. They are open three hundred and sixty five days a year and offer individuals with the best security around so you can be sure that your things like your grandmother’s china will not be stolen or broken by people rifling through your things. My brother and his wife are very picky about finding a place they feel they can trust and I know College Point Storage is a place that they would trust. They are a company that understands how important all of your possessions are and want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable leaving them in their care. My brother and his wife will be happy to return to all of their things safe and securely in their rental storage unit.


Innovative Developments have Been Made in the Cosmetic Surgery Field.

cosmetic surgeryTechnology and science are always progressing, which is why so many things are possible now that were the subject of science fiction films, only a few decades ago.  Interestingly, social trends seem to dictate which fields develop the most rapidly, though.  In terms of medical science, some of the most transformative and innovative developments have been made in the cosmetic surgery field.  With the increased demand for cosmetic surgery, surgeons and medical technology companies began rapidly developing their procedures and equipment, which can explain why cosmetic surgery as a whole has been perfected to the extent that it has.

Though most procedures are quite a bit safer and more effective than they were in previous decades, you still need to be prudent about selecting a surgeon and deciding upon a procedure.  As a matter of fact, you need to see both your primary physician and a trustworthy cosmetic surgeon, before you can confirm that you are able to get the surgery you want.  There are many conditions that can make certain operations dangerous, and you need to disclose everything to your doctors, so they can make a sound judgement.  So, as long as you are physically able to undergo the procedure that you want, you can schedule a consultation with a surgeon, to go over some more in-depth information, regarding the procedure.

Needless to say, every kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery is different.  Still, deciding among operations can be tricky, since many of them seem to do the exact same thing.  In all honesty, it is rarely the case that two procedures have exactly the same effect, but many of them are very similar, and it can be hard to tell the difference, without doing some in-depth research.  A facelift, for example, may seem very similar to Botox treatments, insofar as both are procedures which are designed to tighten the skin on the face, in order to get rid of wrinkles.  A facelift is a surgical procedure, whereas Botox treatments are just injections that contain a powerful chemical that paralyzes the skin, to a minor extent.  A facelift, as you could guess, has a slightly longer and more unpleasant recovery, as it is an actual surgery.  Still, a facelift will have effects that last for years, while Botox injections have effects that last one year, at most.

In addition to this sort of procedure, which only serves to reduce the visible effects of aging, there are also cosmetic procedures that actually do have tangible medical benefits. There is probably no better example than laser eye surgery.  There has been a lot of talk about laser surgeries, in recent years.  In some fields they have shown to be very effective, while in other areas they are less useful.  In terms of correcting vision problems, though, laser surgery has shown to be quite effective, as long as it is being administered properly, by a certified ophthalmologist.  The appeal of laser eyes surgery is the fact that it can fix vision problems, such as astigmatism and nearsightedness.  It is only one example of a practical cosmetic surgery.

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What makes metal buildings are great building option?

Many people are unaware of all the wonderful benefits that come with selecting a steel building for their construction needs. After all, most people just see steel buildings as some giant steel or metal box that functions as a warehouse. What they do not realize is that there are any number of different options available to people who decide to use a steel building for their project. By definition, a steel building differs from other buildings just in the way that steel is utilized as part of the construction process. Most buildings use steel as the material framing the building. They then use another material to form the outside of the building as well as the walls and the floors. With steel buildings, metal is used as the primary construction material with steel forming the internal support and exterior support as well. This leaves you with an extremely sturdy metal building, many of which have a warranty of fifty years and over. With that kind of a promise, it is easy to see why so many people decide to use a metal building for their construction project needs.

There are many other advantages to choosing steel buildings for your construction projects. One of these excellent advantages comes in the form of low maintenance costs. For most buildings, you end up paying a lot of money to maintain the facility. Most building materials other than steel pose frustrating long term care costs. For example, wood is not a very easy material to care for. Wood is very porous and easily gives rise to things like bacteria and mold. It also warps because of this quality. Other materials may be expensive or subject to frequent fluctuations in price. With steel, you avoid many of these problems altogether. First, steel is extremely cost effective. In the outset, steel rarely fluctuates in price, so you will not see price hikes midway through your project. In the long term, you will not pay extensive fees in maintenance and costs associated with buildings that are made from wood or other materials. Mold and mildew, for example, often accumulate in residential buildings. When you use a steel building for this purpose, you are choosing a material that is no porous and therefore reduces the ability of mold and mildew to grow. This saves you money in repairs and in insurance.

In addition, many people are making an increasing effort to become more environmentally sustainable and conscious with the eve of mass climate change upon us. When you decide to choose a steel building you are selecting a recyclable option. Unlike other materials, steel is entirely recyclable. Whereas wooden buildings need extensive chemical treatment to make them functional for long periods of time, excess building materials with steel buildings are one hundred percent recyclable and steel is produced under such strict regulation that it in and of itself is energy efficient. With so many advantages, it is clear why going with a steel building is the best choice.